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Project Management for the Net Centric Consortuium:

Manage the nominations and elections if required

Work with the Functional Teams to manage the nomination and election of the Working Group Chairs

Participate in weekly status/management meetings with the Chair
participate in the bi-weekly Operations meeting

Assist with the preparation of the Quarterly meetings
participate and facilitated weekly meetind, including agenda development, action item tracking, minutes, and posting decisions in the decision log 

Assist in the preparation,and organization of the monthly Technical Team meeting, including agenda development

Assist with the formal review and approval of deliverables
Support the effort to update the contents of the web-based Tracking Tool
Maintain the Organization/Structure Chart and the Council Meeting Schedule 
Support the tracking of contributing/active members

Support the tracking of member attendance at meetings
Support the Chairs and members by updating rosters when appropriate
Support members with WebEx